June 15 Reads

a16z Podcast: World’s Largest Supercomputer v. Biology’s Toughest Problems:

Folding at Home was launched 20 years ago this summer in the lab of Vijay Pande at Stanford. In this episode, Vijay (now a general partner at a16z) is joined by his former student and current director of Folding at Home, Greg Bowman, an associate professor at Washington University in St. Louis, and Lauren Richardson. We discuss the origins of the Folding at Home project along with its connection to SETI@Home and Napster; also the scientific and technical advances needed to solve the complex protein folding and distributed computing problems; and importantly what does understanding protein dynamics actually achieve?

Radical Markets by Eric Posner and Glen Weyl a review essay by David K. Levine

Should the Modern Corporation Maximize Shareholder Value?

On Strategy: A Primer: A book focused on the theory and praxis of strategy (free pdf copy).

O’reilly Radar trends to watch: June 2020

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