May 17 – Sunday Reads

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This is a long overdue experiment to start writing again.  I own this domain since about 2005, I bought it that year and started a website (mostly technical things and programming) . Although it never really gained much track and I stopped both , writing and paying for the hosting service , it helped me to experiment and proved to be a very good way to make new contacts from around the world , so I kept this domain name hoping to give it a better use in the future.

I keep reading quite frequently from a lot of people I admire that the best way to develop new relations and profesional contacts is start writing, but where to start?

It is not something I speak frequently of but I read a fairly amount of books, but I have noticed I find hard to remember the main aspects or insights of the books I read. So I guess a good way to start writing  is to try to post/write in this blog reviews of the books I read. It will be my personal way to recall the main aspects and I guess it would also be an attempt to become a better reader.

I will also try to post also what I find interesting to share….let’s see how this plays out , the major challenge will  be to develop the discipline to do it on a frequently basis.